Megan Stroh: Reading, UK

Megan Stroh - England
Megan Stroh - England

Megan Stroh
Reading, UK through ISA (International Studies Abroad)

What’s your major? 
Double Major in Anthropology and English

Where are you studying abroad? 
Reading, UK through ISA (International Studies Abroad)

How long will you abroad? 
October 1 to December 23, 2010

How did you choose the program you went on? 
The location of Reading played a big part. I had known I wanted to be in England, but I didn't want to be in the heart of London, yet neither did I want to be hours away from it. Reading gives me more of a small-town feel but is still only a half-an-hour train ride into busy London.

What type of courses are you taking? 
Techniques in Artifact Interpretation, Practicing Archaeology: Methods and Approaches, Modern
British Society and Culture

What your favorite memory from your study abroad experience?
I am on the track and field team at UMD and since I am missing the pre-season training, I looked into the Reading Athletic Club here in the UK. Luckily, they have been letting me come practice with them. And one of my favorite memories so far was going to this track out in the countryside one Saturday morning and practicing the Hammer-throw with a Scottish coach, and a few other locals, some as young as 16 and some as old as 40.  It was a great chance to really get to bond with some British people coming from a lot of different backgrounds.

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad? 
Do it!

Outside of class what do you enjoy most? 
Traveling around England and Europe as well as meeting the locals and sharing in their culture

What is your favorite local landmark? 

What are your living accommodations? 
Single-Room Dorm

What skills are you acquiring abroad? 
How to adapt to new situations and social environments, improvements on intercultural communications, ability to rely on my own strengths and to be independent, yet also this experience has helped me become more comfortable with asking for help and working with other people.

Has study abroad influenced your academic/career path? 
Yes, my study-abroad university has more hands-on, direct classes that will pertain to my future career. Also I am able to network with more professors in my field of study that will no-doubt be a great help when I start my job search.

What were questions you were commonly asked by local residents? 
"Do you watch Saved by the Bell?" I got that one a lot, no kidding.