Emma Mruz: Tuscania, Rome and Venice

Study Abroad Photo: Emma Mruz
Study Abroad Photo: Emma Mruz

Emma Mruz



Tuscania, Rome and Venice

What’s your major?               

Political Science & International Studies

Where are you studying?                  

Tuscania, Rome and Venice

How long will you be abroad?      

Spring Semester

What type of courses are you taking?  

Language, History, Communication, Writing & Cooking 

What is your favorite memory from your study abroad experience?        

Making friends from around the world

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?  

Go somewhere where few people go. It is much more fun to surround yourself with people of different cultures, rather than students who have experiences similar to your own.

What is/was your favorite local landmark?     

Tuscania, Lazio 

What are your living accommodations?              

Shared apartments

What is your greatest challenge while being abroad?              

Completely maximizing my time to do and see all that I can.

What skills have you acquired abroad?                 

Cross-cultural communication, Italian language, navigation and power napping.

Has study abroad influenced your academic/career path?

I want to move back to Italy once my undergrad is completed.

What were questions you were asked by local residents?   

They were interested in what was different between the U.S. and Italy, and which of those differences I liked or didn't like. Many of the locals asked if I frequently shopped at Target