Hailey Eidenschink - Dublin, Ireland

Hailey Eidenschink
Dublin, Ireland

Hailey Eidenschink Dublin Ireland
Hailey Eidenschink Dublin Ireland

What’s your major?
History with Anthropology minor & Museum Studies Certificate

Where are you studying?
Dublin, Ireland 

How long will you be abroad?
Summer 2018 

What type of courses are you taking?
Internship at Labour History Archive of Ireland

What was your most memorable experience?
Just being able to experience the history of the city. I sorted through papers and articles written by people who were heavily involved in the Irish revolution and it was amazing to have that connection with a part of history.

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?
Don't be afraid to try something new! I was so scared to be alone in a new country, but it was so empowering to be a young woman taking on the world! 

What was your favorite local landmark?
St. Stephen's Green 

"My month in Dublin has made me braver, bolder, and has allowed me to prove that I can succeed in my field, even during scary stressful situations. I grew so much more confident in my abilities and in myself."