Joshua Lytle: UROP

Josua Lytle UROP
Josua Lytle UROP

Joshua Lytle

Major: History
UROP: The Wider Context and Meaning of Toleration during the era of the Quebec Act of 1774
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gideon Mailer, Department of History, Political Science & International Studies

What do you think is unique about your major?
History is the study of the past. It is the study of who we are, and how/why the world got to where it is today. Through history, we trace back humanity to see what happened and how we got to our position today, and how it has affected different groups of people throughout time. Through the study of history, we study our ancestors. Through this, we can also gain a better understanding of ourselves.

How does your major fit into your life goals?
History fits into my life goals because I plan on going to graduate school in history. I have a passion for learning about history, and I would like to put a lot of research into this topic I love for many years after my undergrad career.

Briefly describe the details of your research project.
I looked into the definition and meaning of "toleration" during the era of the Quebec Act of 1774. This time was marked by increasing unrest between the American colonists and Great Britain, and the Catholics of Quebec were caught in the middle of it. The reaction of the Quebecois, American colonists, and British to the various definitions of "toleration" during this time period in relation to Catholics was what I looked at.

How has the Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) that you participated in enhanced or complemented the education you received in your major at UMD?
Thanks to the UROP experience, I was able to put research into the subject of history that I have a great interest in. I was able to branch out of the stuff we talk about in class and look into something myself that potentially not many people have looked into in the past. I think the most valuable experience I had from this was the experience of my private research. I got experience researching and presenting on a topic that I love, and I had a lot of fun doing it too.