Ahnika Hesbjerg: UROP

Ahnika Hesbjerg: UROP Photo
Ahnika Hesbjerg: UROP Photo

Ahnika Hesbjerg

Major: Environment & Sustainability
Minor: Economics
UROP: Demographic Sentiments Towards Development on Park Point
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ryan Bergstrom, Department of Geography, Urban, Environment and Sustainability Studies

What do you think is unique about your major?
Environment Sustainability is a major that allows students to gravitate towards their own interoperation of how to we can obtain a sustainable society.

How does your major fit into your life goals?
Sustainability to me is the balance between economic, social, and the environment where effective and positive change is easily obtained. My major has opened the doors in identifying what needs to change and the tools to impact it.

What piece of advice would you give to a student considering your major?
Connect the concepts and ideas that you gather from your professors. The ES major builds you on layers of curriculum that intertwine with another, pay attention and find those connections.

How has the Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) that you participated in enhanced or complemented the education you received in your major at UMD?
UROP presented me with space to expand my interests in environment sustainability. I needed something that was more specific with what I wanted to do in my ES major and UROP provided me that space!

What were the most valuable aspects of your UROP experience?
I understand what I'm passionate about and how I want to apply my major in my future line of work. I'm excited for my next steps outside of UMD.