Kate Hagsten: UROP

UROP Photo: Kate Hagsten
UROP Photo: Kate Hagsten

Kate Hagsten

Major: Anthropology
Minors: Geographic Information Science & Natural History
UROP: Anishinaabeg Plant Issues and Contemporary Issues
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. David Syring, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

What do you think is unique about your majors?
It's applicable to every industry. You'll never find yourself 'caught' in a job. 

How do your majors fit into your life goals?
I want to help people make connections with the environment and their own personal health. I learned how to be part of the task force that will help shape our future. 

What piece of advice would you give to a student considering your major?
Do it! If you're self-motivated and having a hard time deciding on what you want to do, this is for you!

Who's your favorite professor or staff member and why? 
Dan Martin, he is the best professor I've ever had. He's inspirational engaging, cares about his students. 

How has the Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) that you participated in enhanced or complemented the education you received in your major at UMD?
It supplemented my education more equivalently to Masters work or it was a good primer for master's work. 

What were the most valuable aspects of your UROP experience?
Self-motivated research.