Andrew Buntrock: UROP

UROP Photo: Andrew Buntrock
UROP Photo: Andrew Buntrock

Andrew Buntrock

Major: Linguistics
UROP: A Corpus Analysis of Semantic Networks for English Prepositions
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chongwon Park, Department of Writing Studies

What do you think is unique about your major?

What I think is most unique about Linguistics is how applicable the knowledge is to other fields. Linguistics can be applied to; Geography, Mathematics, Writing, Programming, and various health fields. Unless you are familiar with the major, I think that aspect is overlooked often.

How does your major fit into your life goals?
Linguistics really asks you to think outside the box, be innovative, and have a strong work ethic. All of which are qualities I try to mirror into my own life.  

What piece of advice would you give to a student considering your major?
Immerse yourself into the subject and there's no substitute for hard work. With Linguistics there is so much to learn, and the field is relatively young compared to other sciences. So jump on the opportunity to be a part of a fast growing field.

Tell us about something you're involved in here (a sport, a club, a cause) and how it has changed you.
Additionally, during my career at UMD I have been a part of the Men's Rugby club. Finding this club, was comparable to finding my second family. It taught me an incredible amount about selflessness, and being the best person you can be.We won three national championships and from that achievement I understood with the right amount of dedication and hard work. You can achieve something no one else has ever done.

How has the Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) that you participated in enhanced or complemented the education you received in your major at UMD?
Finishing a UROP enhanced my education by allowing me to do something besides homework and worksheets. Through this experience I was able to have the chance to apply my education to an actual issue in the Linguistics field.

What were the most valuable aspects of your UROP experience?
My advisors were among the most valuable aspects. Both Professor Park and Dan Turner are incredible Linguists and being able to work with the pair of them was exceptional. After coming out of the UROP I felt as if I had learned so much more, because of who my advisors were.