Weiqing Zhang

Weiqing Zhang
Professional Title
Associate Professor of Chinese Area Studies (on sabbatical Fall 2023)


  • Zhang, Weiqing. The Translated Novel and Modern Translation Theories, A Case Study on Xin Xi Xian Tan. Beijing: China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2013.
  • Zhang, Weiqing & Miao, Tianshun. “Xin Xi Xian Tan and Translated Novels over the Last Sixty Years in Modern China.” Mangzhong 10(2013): 38-39.
  • Zhang, Zheng & Zhang, Weiqing. “The Rewriting of Religious Facts in Lishao Jushi’s Translation.” Chinese Translators Journal 2 (2010): 12-22.
  • Zhang, Weiqing & Zhang, Zheng. “Lishao Jushi’s Tactics in Presenting Lady Images in Translation,” Foreign Language Education 3 (2010): 101-104.
  • Zhang, Weiqing & Zhang, Zheng. “Lishao Jushi’s Poetry Translation Tactics in Xin Xi Xian Tan.” PLA Foreign Languages University Journal 1 (2010): 62-66.

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor CLA (2019)
  • Imagine Fund (2015)
  • Chancellor’s Faculty Small Grant (2015)
  • College of Liberal Arts Faculty Development Fund (2014)

Weiqing Zhang at Yingua Academy in China