Blakewell and Wruck sing with Swanson for Matinee Musical's Masterclass

Feb 8, 2023

Isabel Blakewell and Brandon Wruck chosen to perform with Jack Swanson in Masterclass as part of Matinee Musical's recital.

UMD students, Isabel Blakewell and Brandon Wruck, both students of Rachel Inselman were selected to perform in Masterclass for Jack Swanson, tenor who performed in recital as part of Matinee Musicale

Stillwater native, Jack Swanson is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after young tenors in the opera world. His distinctive high lyric voice is known for singing the acrobatic arias of Rossini and the legato melodies of Donizetti. The Opera Critic notes that Swanson possesses “that elusive feature that many otherwise good tenors lack, those lusciously, sweet, strong high notes.” Swanson continues to conquer demanding roles on opera stages both nationally and internationally.

Masterclass featured students from the College of St. Scholastica, University of Wisconsin Superior and University of Minnesota Duluth.