Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: Geneva Bible Collection

Jul 20, 2021

Krista Twu looks various early editions of the Geneva Bible from the 16th and 17th century.

Join us for a virtual peek into this vast and important collection, with a look at its various early editions of the Geneva Bible from the 16th and 17th century: the world’s first “study bible,” the bible of Shakespeare and Milton. Dr. Krista Sue-Lo Twu, Associate Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature, will flip through the pages of these fascinating books and discuss their place in English history, religion, and literature.

With over 1,800 volumes, in 410 languages, the Ramseyer Northern Bible Society Collection contains many old, rare, and unusual editions of the Bible. UMD has housed the collection since 1979, and students and faculty across the disciplines now use the Collection to explore concepts in literature, language, linguistics, art history, history, museum studies, and material book culture. With expert guidance from faculty members and the UMD Archivist, students also engage in collaborative, experiential learning by curating displays using materials from the collection.

Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes tours are open to all alumni and friends. These events are family-friendly. Registration is free. The virtual tour will be recorded live and uploaded to YouTube for later viewing. *Registered guests will receive a link to join the Zoom webinar from Alumni Relations.