Two WLC Faculty Members Receive Tenure and Promotion

Apr 23, 2019

CUE professor Aparna Katre and Chinese professor Weiqing Zhang received tenure and promotion to associate professor.

Two professors from the Department of World Languages and Cultures were honored at the annual dinner held on April 24, 2019 for faculty who have been granted tenure and/or promotion this year. 

Dr. Aparna Katre was granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship. Dr. Katre established this innovative program at UMD in 2013. Cultural Entrepreneurship allows students to combine an interest in languages and cultures with business, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to address social problems. Dr. Katre works with local businesses to promote entrepreneurship and the creative economy and to provide opportunities for students to get hands-on experience. Over fifty students have graduated with this unique degree and have pursued diverse career paths in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, embracing the creativity and problem solving learned in the program.


Chancellor Black and Dean Maher pose with a picture of Aparne Katre, who was unable to attend the event.

Dr. Weiqing Zhang was granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Chinese Area Studies. As the sole professor in Chinese Area Studies, Dr. Zhang teaches and advises all students in the program. She leads study abroad trips to China in the summer and organizes many cultural events throughout the year to promote and celebrate Chinese culture. Dr. Zhang also received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award at the College of Liberal Arts awards ceremony held the same day.

Weiqing Zhang with WLC Department Head Maureen Tobin Stanley.


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