Outstanding GIS Alumni Recognized by the Program in Geography and Geospatial Analysis Center

May 19, 2019

The academic GIS Program and the Geospatial Analysis Center recently recognized two of its alumni with the inaugural “Outstanding GIS Alumni and Friends Award”.  

The award recognizes alumni who have made distinguished contributions to the advancement of GIS and friends who have shown exceptional support of GIS academics or research at UMD. Dr. Laure Charleux (GIS Program) and Stacey Stark (Geospatial Analysis Center) were on hand to present Molly and Brandon Keinath with the inaugural award. Molly Keinath, received a B.S. in Biology in 2009 from UMD and later a GIS Certificate in 2012. She is currently a GIS Specialist with Barr Engineering in Duluth. Brandon Keinath received a B.S. in Biology from UMD in 2009, and a B.A. in Geographic Information Science in 2013.  Brandon is currently a supervisor of GIS and Facilities Operations at Minnesota Power in Duluth.