New Book on Gardens of Versailles

Sep 1, 2022

UMD’s Hedin explores 17th-Century French landscape

Professor Emeritus Thomas F. Hedin’s book, The Fountain of Latona: Louis XIV, Charles Le Brun, and the Gardens of Versailles, examines the famous gardens of Versailles, Louis XIV's palace outside of Paris.

Thomas Hedin

The book explores the history of Latona’s Fountain in the Garden of Versailles. Hedin explains, "The Fountain of Latona was a double declaration: a glorification of the king and a proud manifesto by artists." 

the fountain of latona book cover featuring a photo of the statue

Hedin began teaching at UMD in 1973 and retired in 2006. Since then he’s held two fellowships at Harvard University and published several articles in French journals. Hedin also co-authored Diplomatic Tours in the Gardens of Versailles Under Louis XIV (2008) on the subject of art during the reign of Louis XIV.