Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

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Here are some reasons to do a short-term program:

Abroad picture collage
  • All U of MN students are welcome
  • Learn how to travel abroad from experts
  • Instructors can assist with travel prep and tips/support along the way
  • Tour guide included in trip which guarantees an intense and personal experience
  • Tour tickets/passes included
  • English language woven into the program
  • Room/board included
  • Safety in a group
  • Potential to stay longer and travel with friends, family or on your own
  • Scholarships are available!

China - CHIN 1399 (summer 2022)
Denmark & Sweden - ART (summer 2022)
Ecuador - ANTH 3200
England - ENGL 4300
Germany - GER 2040 (summer 2022)
Germany - GER 3040 (summer 2022)
Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic - IS 3180 (summer 2022)
India - COMM or GEOG 3800
Ireland - ENGL or ESCI 3605
Italy - ART, ARTH, MU (summer 2022)
Jamaica - AAAS 3005 (summer 2023)
Panama - HIST 3313 (winter break 2023)
Peru - SPAN 3890
Poland - HIST 3575
Spain - SPAN 3894, 3190 or 3290 (summer 2022)

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Application Deadlines

Most WINTER BREAK 2023 programs:
October 15, 2022
     NOTE: Winter Break programs apply to spring term.

for SUMMER 2022 programs:
February 1, 2022

Program Highlights - CHIN 1399, 6 cr

CHINA - Study Abroad Brochure

  • CHIN 1399 Language and Culture in China (prereq is at least 24 credits, no Chinese language required)
  • Immerse in Chinese language and culture  
  • Experience and understand the Eastern wisdom and Chinese ideology
  • Study Mandarin Chinese from beginning level to advanced level depending on proficiency
  • Travel to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, and Beijing to gain knowledge of Chinese civilization and its people
  • Stay on campus at Ocean University in Qingdao, a beach city on the Yellow Sea

Program Highlights - HIST 3313, 4 cr

PANAMA - Study Abroad Brochure

  • HIST 3313 Global Surf Culture (no prereq)
  • Applies to the United States geographical area in the history program
  • Analyze the history of surfing and past U.S. involvement in Latin America
  • Explore how past wars and how current surf tourism coincide
  • Learn how to surf
  • 2018-19 Winter Break trip recap

Program Highlights - ART, 3 cr

DENMARK & SWEDEN - Study Abroad Brochure

  • Art and Design in Denmark and Sweden (prereq is at least 24 credits)
  • Study Scandinavian art and design through a variety of artistic styles, media, practices, traditions, and innovations.
  • Explore ideas of interactivity and play in fostering creativity within art and design.
  • Investigate the cultural goal of ”art for all’ in art, art in the marketplace, art education, design, and art history.
  • Actively use, interact with and critique various design and wayfinding systems while traveling by various means through multiple countries 
  • Visit art and design studios, glassworks, galleries, schools, art museums, public landmarks, and sculpture parks to learn first-hand how traditional and contemporary art and design is integrated into Scandinavian society.

Program Highlights - ANTH 3200, 6 cr

ECUADOR - Study Abroad Brochure (postponed at this time)

  • ANTH 3200 Exploring Sustainability (no prereq)
  • Learn about the diversity and complexity of Latin American cultures
  • Explore the practice of sustainability in an international context
  • Take part in a service learning experience in Ecuador, grounded in participatory research
  • Interpret social, political and economic issues now and in future Latin America

Program Highlights - ENGL 4300, 4 cr

ENGLAND - Study Abroad Brochure (postponed at this time)

  • ENGL 4300 Shakespeare in England (no prereq)
  • Applies as a Genre elective
  • Experiential exploration of theatre history in England such as the literary and cultural context of plays you’ll see abroad
  • A two-week online course in Duluth and then depart for England to view professional productions
  • Major examples of dramatic literature spanning the Roman era to the present, with an emphasis on English traditions
  • Understanding the relationship between theatre and society in England
  • Exploration of theatre’s historical and cultural settings through architecture, artifacts, and live performances

Program Highlights - GER 2040, 4 cr

GERMANY - Study Abroad Brochure

  • GER 2040 Berlin - Legend, Myth, Reality
  • The city becomes your classroom as you explore the tumultuous history and vibrant culture of this European capital
  • See and touch the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag building, the Brandenburg Gate, the Turkish Market, Checkpoint Charlie, and more
  • Experience the cutting-edge arts and culture scene in a multicultural metropolis
  • Learn to understand connections between place, history, memory, and identity
  • All students are welcome!

Program Highlights - GER 3040, 4 cr

GERMANY - Study Abroad Brochure

  • GER 3040 German Culture in Germany (prereq is GER 1202)
  • Study German history, culture, literature and politics while enhancing your language skills in the classroom and on field trips to museums, historic sites and other points of interest
  • See the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie, the Bundestag and the Turkish Market
  • Hike and bike through the heart of Berlin, through the green forests and near the blue rivers and lakes surrounding Potsdam

Program Highlights - IS 3180, 3 cr


  • IS 3180 Women's Health and Policy (prereq is 45 credits)
  • Compare and contrast the disparities in women’s health between the U.S. and three EU countries, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic,
  • Compare and contrast economic policies impacting women (e.g., maternity leave policies, housing policies, food availability) in the U.S. and three EU countries
  • Describe the broad historical and cultural contexts for women’s healthcare with a look at public health initiatives that promote women’s health.
  • Describe sexuality education programs for youth in each country and how those inform sexual health services and beliefs.

Program Highlights - COMM/GEOG 3800, 4 cr

INDIA - Study Abroad Brochure (postponed at this time)

  • COMM/GEOG 3800 Community Empowerment in South Asia (prereq 3.0 GPA, 30 credits)
  • Examine theories of social change at the Indian Social Institute, which is dedicated to empowering marginalized people in India
  • Interact and learn from local communities involved in activism and advocacy efforts at the grassroots level
  • Explore historical and cultural locations including the temples at Belur and Halebid and the Nrityagram Dance Village

Program Highlights - ENGL/ESCI 3605, 4 cr

IRELAND - Study Abroad Brochure (postponed at this time)

  • ENGL/ESCI 3605 The Irish Landscape (prereq WRIT 1120 or equivalent, GEOL 1110 or 1610 or GEOG 1414)
  • The foundation of myths and legends that helped shape the Irish literary tradition
  • The beginnings of literacy in Ireland and written literary traditions like dindsenchas
  • Irish nationalism from 1798 forward and the idea of Irish literature
  • The Great Famine in literature, on the landscape, and in modern memorializing
  • History of the glacial and post-glacial landscape development and climate
  • Archaeological vestiges and their connection to landscape and culture
  • Development and use of peat bogs, bog people, and sacrificial and ceremonial traditions
  • The colonial landscape from the Normans to the Civil War
  • The Little Ice Age, which culminated about 1850
  • The landscape as a sacred expression
  • The potato blight

Program Highlights - ART, ARTH, MU, 3-6 cr

ITALY - Study Abroad Brochure

  • Experiencing Italy: Art, Art History, & Music
  • Appreciate intersections between music history and performance, as well as art history and practice, while visiting important historical sites, intimate performance venues, and major museums
  • Take an "off-the-beaten-trail" journey through medieval streets and lush countryside
  • Visit Ferrara, Florence, Foligno, Pesaro, and Rome, with day-long excursions to Assisi, Mantua, Urbino, and Venice
  • View works of art as the artist intended, hear music in the spaces for which they were composed and create digital work inspired by cultural and physical landscapes
  • All students are welcome!

Program Highlights - AAAS 3005, 3 cr

JAMAICA - Study Abroad Brochure

  • AAAS 3005 Roots and Rebellion (prereq is at least 24 credits)
  • Spend part of your winter break studying abroad in this island country, situated in the Caribbean Sea!
  • Explore Jamaican culture first hand by visiting cultural heritage sites that attest to the Jamaican experiences of oppression, resistance, and rebellion.
  • Visit historic sites such as military forts, slave trading forts, Maroon villages, and historical and cultural museums.
  • 2018-19 Winter Break trip recap

Program Highlights - SPAN 3890, 5 cr

PERU - Study Abroad Brochure (postponed at this time)

  • SPAN 3890 Language and Culture in Peru (prereq SPAN 1202)
  • Study Spanish at the Universidad del Pacífico, an AACSB accredited business school.
  • Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and improve your comprehension and speaking skills while staying with a host family.
  • Experience Peruvian culture at its best while visiting art museums, theaters, concert halls, and historic locations.
  • Visit Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy sunny days and cool nights on beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific coast! 

Program Highlights - HIST 3575, 4 cr

POLAND - Study Abroad Brochure

  • HIST 3575 Jews & Poles: Entangled Lives (prereq is at least 24 credits)
  • Come face to face with the history of the Holocaust by visiting and engaging with key sites in Hitler's killing grounds in Poland
  • Tour the grounds of the Auschwitz concentration and death camp and explore the sites of the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Study at Polin: The Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • Explore Treblinka, the site of the infamous death camp
  • Visit Schindler's Factory, and Plaszow camp in Krakow, featured in the film Schindler’s List
  • May 2019 trip recap

Program Highlights - 6 cr

SPAIN, Salamanca - Study Abroad Brochures:
SPAN 3894-Spanish Language & Culture, 6 cr (prereq is SPAN 1202)
SPAN 3190-Spanish Language & Culture for Business - internship, 6 cr (prereq is at least 24 credits, no Spanish language required)
SPAN 3290-Spanish Language & Culture for Health & Science - internship, 6 cr (prereq is at least 24 credits, no Spanish language required)

  • Study Spanish language, literature and culture at Universidad de Salamanca (University of Salamanca)
  • Live with a Salamantine family to further cement language skills and be a part of Salamantine daily life
  • Stroll through the urban environment of the Old City
  • Practice language skills with Spaniards and international students alike in a diverse and multicultural city
  • Travel on three excursions within Spain and several field trips within Salamanca