Scholarships for Returning Fine Arts Students

Fine Arts Scholarships

The following scholarships and awards are available to students in Theatre, Music and Art & Design. Contact the appropriate department for additional information.

Isaac and Rose Gershgol Scholarships

Awarded to two art and design, two music and two theatre undergraduate students who have financial need and who are outstanding students and performers. Selection based on department recommendations. Contact your department of study for information.

Olive Anna Tezla Fine Arts Scholarship

Awarded annually one each to Art & Design, Music, or Theatre student for excellent scholarship/creative activity or outstanding contributions to an area of the Art & Design, Music, or Theatre departments or demonstrated leadership in the college. Contact your department of study for information.

Department of Art & Design Scholarships

  • UMD Art Donor Scholarship
  • UMD Art Mitchell & Schissell Scholarship
  • UMD Cheng-Khee Chee Art Scholarship
  • UMD Dale C. Hagen Art & Design Scholarship
  • UMD Edith M. Nelson Art Scholarship
  • UMD Geraldine Hanson Heller Scholarship
  • UMD Katharina & Karl Jaros Photography Fund
  • UMD Pro Print Scholarship
  • UMD Raymond W. Darland Art Scholarship
  • UMD Skomars Family Scholarship

See more and apply on the Art & Design Scholarships page.

Department of Music Scholarships - Apply in 212 Humanities Building 

  • Ann Carlson Anderson Symphonic String Scholarship
  • Nyda Elizabeth Swanson Music Scholarship
  • UMD Billy Barnard Jazz Scholarship
  • UMD C. Lindsley Edson Music Scholarship
  • UMD Dorothy Taraldsen Kozak Music Scholarship
  • UMD Dorothy Taraldsen Kozak Music Scholarship
  • UMD E. Bernie Bernstein Music Scholarship
  • UMD Eric Tobias Johnson Music Scholarship
  • UMD Frank P. Comella Memorial Scholarship
  • UMD Gendein Memorial Scholarship
  • UMD Gerald A. Singer Family Scholarship
  • UMD Gregg Johnson Music Scholarship
  • UMD John M. & Bobby Stojevich Memorial Scholarship
  • UMD Joyce R. Nordstrom Music Scholarship
  • UMD Karen A. and Leonard E. Griffith Music Scholarship
  • UMD Lynn Mitchell (Mitch) Rand Scholarship
  • UMD Mark Faricy Memorial Scholarship
  • UMD Mary Ann and Ronald W Weber Scholarship
  • UMD Omnibus Music Scholarship
  • UMD Opera Theatre Scholarship Fund
  • UMD Orchestra Music Scholarship
  • UMD Piano Music Scholarship
  • UMD R. James & Betty L. Melde Music Scholarship
  • UMD Retta and Henry Ehlers Scholarship
  • UMD Ruth Dodge Reaching Higher Music Scholarship
  • UMD The James R. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
  • UMD Jean Nord Music Education Scholarship
  • UMD Robert & Carolyn Flood Scholarship
  • UMD Kathyrn A. Martin Scholarship for Theatre, Jazz & Women’s Ice Hockey
  • UMD Isaac and Rose Gershgol Scholarship Fund
  • UMD Olive Anna Tezla Scholarship
  • UMD Dr. Vernon Opheim Choral Scholarship

Department of Theatre Scholarships

  • The Isaac and Rose Gershgol Scholarship
  • The Kanter Family Scholarship
  • Olive Anna Tezla SFA Scholarship
  • Lois Casmir Birk Memorial Scholarship
  • The VanEmmerik Design and Production Scholarship
  • The Kathryn A. Martin (KAM) Scholarship
  • The Tezla Outstanding Senior College of Fine Arts Scholarship
  • The UMD Ruth Moeller Piotrowski Costume Scholarship
  • The Chancellor Black Theatre for First Generation Students Scholarship

See more and apply on the Theatre Scholarships page.