Attaining a degree in the fine arts is a valuable experience and can lead to a wide range of career opportunities. Working as a professional artist is only one way your acquired knowledge and skill can help you make a living.

UMD Career & Internship Services (22 Solon Campus Center) is a fantastic resource for creating resumes, writing cover letters, and learning effective job search and interviewing techniques. Meeting personally with a career counselor is the best option for discussing individual goals and interests.

What Will I Do with My Degree? The disciplines within the arts enable students to express feelings, communicate thoughts, explore creativity, solve problems, communicate ideas, develop a sense of community, and appreciate history, tradition and culture.

It doesn’t take long to peruse the web and find bloggers, researchers, professors, and all kinds of other people talking about the skills they’ve learned by studying the fine arts, and the many ways those skills have been a benefit throughout their lives. Here are just a few examples (if you come across others, share with us at [email protected]):

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