Mike Smišek

Michael Smisek
Professional Title
Instructor, Graphic Design

Michael Smišek (smee-sheck) is an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design in the UMD Department of Art & Design. He graduated from University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Fine Art but since that time has utilized creative outlets as an entrepreneur and currently owns Šek Design Studio in downtown Duluth and is co-owner of DLH Clothing with his wife Sarah. Clients of Šek Design Studio include: Vikre Distillery, Duluth Children’s Museum, Duluth Playhouse, Recovery Alliance Duluth, National Bank of Commerce, and projects range from custom illustration and branding to website design and photography. 

The underlying motivation for Mike’s work stems from his desire to listen and reflect while solving complex problems through visual communication across mediums. The motto for all of his work can be summarized as: ’Thoughtful design with your story in mind.’ He sees design as a partnership between the client and the designer and has spent a great deal of time learning the best ways to provide excellent client experience without compromising the art of design.