Rookie Reports

Marching Band Rookie Reports




Karl Kubiak playing a Sousaphone

I joined the marching band my freshman year. I had never marched in high school before, I didn't even really know that marching band was a thing! I figured "What the heck, why not try it out?" Turns out I actually loved it! It was really great to experience what marching band is like! Although before band camp started, I almost chickened out because I was thinking it was going to be an intense two weeks of no fun and hard work, and for a person who has never marched before, this almost caused me to not join. But I stuck it out and now am so glad that I did! I've met so many great people in the band and learned a ton about not just marching band in general, but how I can apply the ideas used in marching band to when I become a band director.

Band camp was an awesome experience! Everyone was very outgoing and friendly and taught me a lot about marching. It was work, obviously, but it was a fun kind of work! I honestly was never pushed so hard that I felt like I was going to pass out or anything serious. It was a fun kind of learning, especially the Zucchini competitions! It was way cool to see a whole section working together to create sweet drills and play our music to!



Rachel Maschhoff

I actually didn't join marching band until my sophomore year. I didn't know that I could even join because I had no marching experience in high school; we did 3 or 4 parades a summer, but that was about it. Joining marching band was easily the best decision I have made in college. Even though I had no idea what I was doing going into band camp, the upper classmen and Dan were super helpful and I left band camp knowing how to pretty much run and play at the same time (and for someone as uncoordinated as me, that is quite the accomplishment). Marching band wasn't easy, but I made so many great friends and made so many memories that it was all worth it. 10/10 definitely would recommend.



In the summer of my sophomore year of high school, I made a decision that would end up being the best decision of my

Jonah Bell

life. I decided to join my high schools marching band. I had never marched and was extremely nervous. By the end of season however, I totally loved it and couldn’t wait to march the next summer. Now our high school had a competitive marching band. We won the state championship twice in the three years that i marched. Heading into college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to march again. I loved the competition that we had in high school and thought i would miss that too much in order to enjoy college band. After talking to a few people joining the band, I decided to give it a shot. Once again, my worries vanished. While i enjoy competition, just being able to march and have fun without being evaluated is just as much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my rookie season and would advise incoming freshman to give it a shot. The people you meet you are awesome and could end up being life long friends. There are many people in the band that I intend on keeping contact well after we all graduate.



I joined marching band my freshman year, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions that I have made. 

Megan Hanson

Entering band camp, I was very nervous because I didn't know anyone or my way around. However, I wasn't alone; all of the other freshman were in the same boat and the upper classmen were extremely helpful.  Marching band gave me time to adjust to college life before school started.  Band camp was a lot of work, but it was worth every minute.  The friendships and memories made during those countless hours spent together are priceless to me. Everyone in the band is always looking out for one another, and I was so thankful that when school started, I already had 60 friends.  Playing music, leaning new drill, and laughing with friends in marching band was the ultimate ending to stressful school days.  I am so grateful for my decision to join the marching band and my wonderful rookie experience.  I can't wait for next year!



Ryan Christensen

DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS! I’ve been doing marching band since my freshman year of high school, and I loved every minute of it! When I saw that UMD has a marching band, I knew right away that I was gonna join, and when I saw the music that were playing it basically sealed the deal! I’ll admit the 12 hour days of band camp did intimidate me a little bit, but it was all worth it, even the 100+ degree weather we had to deal with in Mankato! I have no idea what it would’ve been like here without marching band. It helped me learn, the school, make a TON of friends (many of which I hang out with daily), and much more! This band felt like a family to me and I cannot wait to go back next year! 

To Next Year’s Freshman: I highly recommend you join the marching band here! Even if you come from a rigorous program, or have never marched a day in your life, you will have an amazing experience full of nice people, good music, and many lasting memories. Plus, if you’re already reading this, you’ve shown interest, so, JUST DO IT!

Andrew Weisz


Andrew Weisz

When I decided that I was transferring colleges the first thing I looked at, was joining the Marching band. That one decision was the best decision I have made in my college career. I'm going to be honest I got to UMD with basically 0 friends, and I was extremely nervous that it was going to stay that way. By the end of the first day of band camp I had about 70! That's the atmosphere that UMD's Marching band offers, we are a very close based band that isn't just a group or organization, but a family. We are "The Band Fam", and that is shown every day by how outgoing and friendly our band members are. We are also an extremely diverse group of majors, and minors who are more than happy to answer any question on any subject. I'd recommend marching band to anyone wanting to make the best of their college experience, and anyone who wants to make countless lifelong friendships. Marching band is one of the best experiences I've had in college so far. I'd highly recommend marching band to anyone, and everyone who loves playing music, being active, and loves having fun! Welcome to "The Band Fam!"