Study Abroad With Us

Study Abroad Opportunities!

Almost every year our faculty lead short-term study abroad programs to incredible locations around the world! We recommend checking back with this page regularly to see about upcoming study abroad opportunities with us or through all CLA departments and programs. Also, be sure to check out when short-term programs are scheduled.

Program Highlights - COMM/GEOG 3800, 4 cr

INDIA - Community Empowerment in South Asia

  • Examine theories of social change at the Indian Social Institute, which is dedicated to empowering marginalized people in India
  • Interact and learn from local communities involved in activism and advocacy efforts at the grassroots level
  • Explore historical and cultural locations including the temples at Belur and Halebid and the Nrityagram Dance Village

Program Highlights - COMM/HIST 3575, 4 cr

POLAND - Jews & Poles: Entangled Lives

  • Life of the Shtetl: Separation and Assimilation
  • Discrimination and Citizenship
  • Jewish contributions to culture, society, and economy
  • Jew, Ukrainians, and Poles: A Complicated Relationship
  • The Holocaust: Ghettos and Extermination
  • Jewish Life in Poland Today