Viz Lab + MMAD Lab policies


The Viz Lab + MMAD Lab are limited-access, interdisciplinary faculty research facilities. The Labs are staffed Monday through Thursday from about 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, either virtually or in-person. MMAD Lab is only accessible when lab staff is available, and must be scheduled in advance.

Web Access Form

Faculty and Graduate Students

May receive a key to the Viz Lab if needed.

Staff Graphic Designers/Technicians

May receive a key to the Viz Lab as long as they are associated with research faculty.

Food and Drink

Food is not to be brought into the lab. Vermin! Liquids should be in spill-proof containers.

Software and Hardware

No software, hardware, or other equipment in the Viz Lab or MMAD Lab may be modified in any way by users in the room. Requests to add or modify software, hardware, peripherals or other equipment shall be directed to the Viz Lab director.

Storage of Personally Owned Equipment

Personally-owned equipment may be stored in the Viz Lab, if necessary. Equipment must be marked with the owner’s or the department’s identification. The Viz Lab will not be responsible for personally-owned items that are left in the lab. Damage or loss is the responsibility of the item’s owner.

Equipment Checkout

The Viz Lab owns several cameras and associated peripherals, which may be checked out.

Printing and Vinyl Cutter

The Viz Lab staff are happy to help researchers develop and produce posters to help promote projects done with Viz Lab resources. Although we are not staffed to provide full production like a print shop, we are glad to facilitate printing or vinyl signage. Researchers wishing to print should reserve machine and staff time and must be present to make sure that their poster is printing appropriately and to learn the rudimentary aspects of printing, as this is a research and learning lab.Printing in the Viz Lab is reserved for those people who have pre-approved Viz Lab projects, and print jobs should relate to these projects.

The Viz Lab will pay for a variety of papers and inks to keep on hand to allow for experimentation and production of small numbers of copies (1-3). Users will provide paper and ink for special and large projects. Multiple copies of posters or other large printings will be sent to the UMD Print Shop in the Kirby Plaza.

We will redirect all other request for student poster design support to the UMD Print Shop.