Music Facilities

Music Studios and Classrooms

Faculty studios and music classrooms are equipped with excellent audio and video equipment. There are twenty-five practice rooms.

Rehearsal Facilities

UMD’s choral ensembles utilize the recently remodeled choral rehearsal hall; large instrumental ensembles rehearse in the Marshall Performing Arts Center rehearsal hall, equipped for use by both acoustic and electronic ensembles. Jazz combos and chamber ensembles meet in the new Singer Rehearsal Hall adjacent to Weber Music Hall.

Music Education Resource Center

The Music Education Resource Center offers music students listening equipment and opportunities for study and for the design of teaching strategies. Materials contained in this center include the complete UMD Library collection of teaching materials, as well as a large collection of CDs, audio tapes, videotapes, other recordings and reference texts.

Music Technology

Preparing music majors to be fluent in the use of Music Technology is a high priority in the Department of Music. The new Music Technology Lab, located in Humanities 160, is astate-of-the-art facility designed to provide students and faculty with the means to create, produce and distribute musical and other collaborative artistic projects from one location. It is a fifteen-station lab featuring Apple Macintosh iMac computers as well as three high-end Apple Mac Pro workstations. In addition to the computer hardware, the lab is capable of presenting video in high-definition sound and audio and each workstation has the following software available for use:

  • ProToolsmusic_tech
  • Digital Performer
  • Garritan Instruments
  • Finale
  • Apple Final Cut
  • Band-in-the-Box
  • Apple iWork
  • Apple iLife

Additionally, the lab is capable of in-room recording and doubles as the student piano lab featuring Yamaha CP300 keyboards. Students must bring their own removable storage media (flash drives) for use in the computer lab. The lab is open seven days a week with hours posted outside the door.