CAHSS students, new and returning, an adventure awaits you! Trek your way to a number of the co-curricular activities offered by your college and its departments. Once there, get a stamp in your CAHSS/Alworth Institute passport. As you fill the passport with stamps, you will win prizes and enhance your knowledge, cultural life, and fun! You never know what you might learn or who you might meet.


Use this passport to trek your way through your liberal arts education. Attend a number of co-curricular activities in addition to your classes, get your passport stamped, and learn how the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences will enhance your knowledge, cultural life, and fun! Fill the passport with stamps, you win prizes and your progress is noted on your academic transcript.  

  • View Alworth Institute's list of activities that qualify for a passport stamp.
  • Attend the event, speaker, meeting, or activity and at the end, have your passport stamped. You may also stop by the Alworth Institute office (329 Cina Hall) to get a stamp.
  • You should write comments in the space provided after each stamp. Discuss your thoughts about what you have learned, if and how your own thoughts were challenged, and describe how you feel you benefited from your attendance. Please limit your comments to 200 words.
  • You must obtain the stamps and complete the three stages chronologically:
    • Stage One – Regional Trekker – Four Stamps
    • Stage Two – Continental Trekker – Five Stamps (After completing two stages, you receive a gift card for either UMD Stores or UMD Food Services.)
    • Stage Three – Global Trekker – Six Stamps (After completing the final stage, you receive an additional gift card, your name is entered into a drawing for a year-end grand prize, and receive a cord to wear at your commencement ceremony.)