Fine Arts Community Engagement

Fine Arts Community Engagement 

We strive to be fine artists that engage, both locally and globally. Many of our course offerings integrate projects and experiences that utilize collaborations with local artists and arts organizations, our neighborhood schools, and various other community organizations and institutions. Our students have the opportunity to create with established local artists and art organizations outside of the classroom as well.

We have established relationships with the University of Worcester, England and the Conservatoire de’Lyon, France that offer study abroad options, as well as visiting guest artist exchanges that provide students and faculty the opportunity to learn from each other, in Duluth, Europe, and in virtual space. We are also growing established relationships with other art education institutions in Brazil, Cuba, and Turkey.

We continue to be a part of the Twin Ports Arts Align movement, a regional conversation that brings together a wide range of artists, arts organizations, and public figures. This community conversation focuses on how the region can thoughtfully put the arts at the center of economic and community development, the education of our children, and the public desire for creative placemaking.

The Tweed Museum of Art serves our campus and the regional community through art openings, exhibits, educational experiences, and the Visual Culture Lecture Series.

The University of Minnesota Duluth has also participated as part of the American Democracy Project, a national initiative sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.